Welcome to the N.H.K (NHK ni Youkoso!)


Satou-kun, a socially withdrawn loner, barricades himself in his apartment, subsiding on a meagre allowance sent by his parents, only venturing to the outside world to buy food under cover of darkness. One day, afraid he might miss the utility person, he opens the door to find a cute, mysterious girl, accompanying an elderly religious solicitor.

Through what seems to be a chain of coincidences, the girl, Misaki-chan, enters the life of Satou-kun, and promises him that she will cure him of his anti-social condition, provided that he follows the rules that she sets out for him.

What follows is a story that takes Satou-kun from a desperate attempt at creating a galge computer game, to unwittingly joining a suicide cult, to participating in a pyramid scheme, to immersing himself in a MMORPG, along the way touching upon everything between hikikomori and otaku culture, existentialism, solipsism, theology, suicide, sacrifice and love. [Source: AniDB]



Satou Tatsuhiro


Name: Satou Tatsuhiro

Age: 22

Description: The story’s protagonist is a 22-year-old hikikomori and NEET of nearly four years. He is highly unstable, easily manipulated, obsessive, and often blames the N.H.K. conspiracy, a fabrication of his mind, for his shortcomings.


Nakahara Misaki


Name: Nakahara Misaki

Age: ?

Description: A mysterious girl who claims to be a volunteer from a “charity project” to help hikikomori like Tatsuhiro. She has the tendency to lie and hides facts but she does not mean any harm. She constantly bothers Tatsuhiro.


Yamazaki Kaoru


Name: Yamazaki Kaoru

Age: ?

Description: Tatsuhiro’s former kouhai in high school, who is an otaku. He is currently Tatsuhiro’s neighbor and a college student aspiring to be a game creator. He’s a die hard fan of the magical girl anime Puru Puru Pururin.


Kashiwa Hitomi


Name: Kashiwa Hitomi

Age: 24

Description: Tatsuhiro’s senpai in high school, now a public servant. Due to stress, Hitomi develops a dependence on drugs. She has always been fascinated by the concept of conspiracy theories. She joins a suicide group in the end.


Kobayashi Megumi


Name: Kobayashi Megumi

Age: 22

Description: Tatsuhiro’s classmate in high school. During school, she had a very uptight personality which Tatsuhiro commented about himself to her face.  She has also become somewhat manipulative in order to survive.



Total Number of Episodes: 26

Episode Number Episode Title
1 Welcome to the Project!
2 Welcome to the Creator!
3 Welcome to the Beautiful Girl!
4 Welcome to the New World!
5 Welcome to Counseling!
6  Welcome to the Classroom!
7 Welcome to the Moratorium!
8 Welcome to the Chinatown!
9 Welcome to the Summer Days!
10 Welcome to the Dark Side!
11 Welcome to the Conspiracy!
12 Welcome to the Offline Gathering!
13 Welcome to Heaven!
14 Welcome to Reality!
15 Welcome to the Fantasy!
16 Welcome to Game Over!
17 Welcome to Happiness!
18 Welcome to No Future!
19 Welcome to the Blue Bird!
20 Welcome to Winter Days!
21 Welcome to the Reset!
22 Welcome to the God!
23 Welcome to Misaki!
24 Welcome to the NHK!


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