Video Girl Ai

Video Girl Ai

When Youta is told by the girl he likes, Moemi, that she likes someone else, he rents a video girl tape from a mysterious video rental shop. When he plays the tape at home, Video Girl Ai emerges from the screen to help him win Moemi’s love. But Youta’s VCR had been malfunctioning and now Ai’s personality is not quite what it was designed to be.



Amano Ai


Name: Amano Ai

Age: ?

Description: Ai was one of the Video Girls created by Rolex. Ai was first programmed to comfort emotionally hurt Youta. But after being played on the spoilt VCR, Ai’s programme was scrambled and she became a Video Girl who is wilful, wild and strong.


Moteuchi Youta


Name: Moteuchi “Dateless” Youta

Age: 16

Description: Youta is your typical nice-guy-loser character. Unable to confess to his first love, he suffers from bouts of depression. One night, a video shop magically appeared in front of him. Meeting Ai changed his perspectives in life and love.


Hayakawa Moemi


Name: Hayakawa Moemi

Age: 16

Description: Youta’s classmate Moemi is a beautiful girl hopelessly in love with Takeshi, the idol of many girls at their school. Being completely unaware of Youta’s feeling for her she frequently asks the boy for encouragement and advice.


Niimai Takashi


Name: Niimai Takashi

Age: 16

Description: Your typical “tall, dark, and handsome” popular guy. He is Youta’s best friend; as such he is aware of Youta’s feelings for Moemi and hesitates accepting Moemi’s love for him as he doesn’t want Youta to suffer.




Name: Rolex

Age: ?

Description: The cold and cruel Rolex was the being who created and programmed Video Girls. Despite being termed “evil”, Rolex is actually a perfectionist who seeks perfection in his creation. And to achieve this goal, Rolex had to destroy creations that failed.


Video Store Owner


Name: Video Store Owner

Age: ?

Description: This old man is the owner of Video Shop Gokuraku. Much information about the old man is unknown. But one thing sure about him is that he acts as a medium between Rolex, the Video Girls and the heartbroken guys.


Total Number of Episodes: 6

Episode Number Episode Title
1  I’m Here For You
2  Present
3  On the occasion of our first date and wearing the outfit you gave me
4 Confession
5 Lost Ai
6 Ai, Love & Sadness


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