The Place Promised in Our Early Days (Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho)

The Place Promised in Our Early Days

In an alternate history of the aftermath of World War II, Japan has been cleaved in half, with the south — Honshu and the other islands — allied with the United States and the northern island Hokkaido annexed by the enigmatic Union. It was on Hokkaido that a mysterious tower had been built, a strand of metal reaching up out of the atmosphere, visible from the northern tip of Honshu. In 1996, three teenagers, Hiroki, Takuya and Sayuri, make a pact — they will build an experimental aircraft, almost invisible to surveillance, cross over to Hokkaido and unlock the secrets of the tower. Their dream was never realized, because Sayuri was sent to Tokyo for treatment after she fell into a coma. It is now three years later. The rosy illusions of youth have fallen away, but not the unbreakable strength of the trio’s promise. The truth of the tower will be uncovered, and with it, the link between it and Sayuri’s mysterious, carefully tended condition. [Source: AniDB]


Fujisawa Hiroki


Name: Fujisawa Hiroki

Age: 15/18

Description: A child prodigy who was friends with Takuya until an incident. Three years later, Hiroki has moved to Tokyo where he attends high school. He is haunted by frequent dreams of Sayuri and suffers from depression, leading a miserable and lonely existence.


Sawatari Sayuri


Name: Sawatari Sayuri

Age: 15/18

Description: Sayuri stays after school for violin practice while Hiroki stays after school for archery practice; they ride the train home together and get to know each other, and Sayuri becomes close friends with the two boys. She then mysteriously disappears during the summer.


Shirakawa Takuya


Name: Shirakawa Takuya

Age: 15/18

Description: Another child prodigy who was fascinated by the tower. After Sayuri’s disappearance, Takuya separated from Hiroki and became  a physicist at an Alliance scientific facility  researching parallel universes. Takuya and Hiroki reunited in the end to save Sayuri.



Total Number of Episodes: 1

Episode Number Episode Title
1  Complete Movie
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