Yuki, a brave-hearted and naturally inquisitive girl, stumbles into a secret. Her recent acquaintance Tetsu has been raising a strange shape-changing creature called Cenco, that he can telepathically control. Yuki, instantly becomes fascinated by Tetsu and quickly develops a bond with his pet. Then a mysterious boy appears with control over the huge monster threatening the town, and he wants Cenco. With that, an unexpected battle begins…





Name: Tetsu

Age: ?

Description: Tetsu is a normal student who sometimes appears sleepy or lazy. He actually keeps a shape-shifting monster called Cenco. Tetsu considers Cenco his pet and would often sleep on him (or in him). When a classmate found out about his pet…




Name: Yuki

Age: ?

Description: Yuki is one nosy girl. One day she discovered Tetsu and his pet, Cenco. Then she starts following them around. She is fascinated by the monster-now-pet that Tetsu keeps. Due to circumstances, she became friends with Tetsu.




Name: Shuu

Age: ?

Description: Shuu is the main antagonist of Cencoroll. A boy who has control over two of the aforementioned amorphous creatures, he appears to show great interest in Cenco. He starts a battle with Tetsu which the latter reluctantly accepts.




Name: Kei

Age: ?

Description: Kei is a regular high school student who, unlike her friend Yuki, isn’t interested in strange creatures. Kei is Yuki’s friend. She’s just an average teenager who Yuki converses with often throughout the film.


Total Number of Episodes: 1

Episode Number Episode Title
1  Original Video Animation


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