Angel Beats!

Angel Beets

What is this strange world in limbo, where no one ages or dies? Why do some students simply vanish? What role does the seemingly violent Angel play, and what are the SSS’ goals? The recently deceased Otonashi Yuzuru is looking for the answers…

In a world after death, angels fight for their fate and their future. Yuri, the leader of the Shinda Sekai Sensen, rebels against the god who destined her to have an unreasonable life. On the otherhand, Tenshi, the chairperson of the student council for the world after death, battles against the SSS members. SSS members utilize armed weaponry to battle it out against the angels harnessing supernatural powers. [Source: ANN/AniDB]



Otonashi Yuzuru


Name: Otonashi Yuzuru

Age: ?

Description: The story’s protagonist has a caring personality and does not want anyone to experience pain or sadness. After dying, he lost his memories of the time when he was still alive, but later regains them.  He later expressed his love for Kanade.


Nakamura Yuri


Name: Nakamura Yuri

Age: ?

Description: Yuri, also known as Yurippe, is a girl with a determined personality who is attending the afterlife school, where she meets Otonashi and invites him to join the SSS — Shinda Sekai Sensen — an organization she leads which fights against God.


Tachibana Kanade


Name: Tachibana “Tenshi” Kanade

Age: ?

Description: Angel is the student council president at the afterlife school. It is difficult to understand what she is thinking due to her rarely showing any outward emotions and her way of talking bluntly. She creates her powers through a program called Angel Player.


Hinata Hideki


Name: Hinata Hideki

Age: ?

Description: Hinata is a bright, dependable boy who is the closest to Otonashi. He always tries to save his friends if he can and is a reliable force in the team. He and Yui constantly irritate one another on a daily basis, but deep down, he cares for Yui.


Iwasawa Masami


Name: Iwasawa Masami

Age: ?

Description: Masami Iwasawa is the initial leader of Girls Dead Monster who is in charge of the vocals and is the rhythm guitarist. While usually a quiet girl, she is able to fascinate listeners by striving to create music that speaks her thoughts.




Name: Takamatsu

Age: ?

Description: Takamatsu is an honor student who has a polite personality and wears glasses. Yuri says to not be fooled by his glasses and that he is actually an idiot. Though appearing to be slender, he works out and is actually well-built muscle-wise.




Name: Shiina

Age: ?

Description: Shiina is a female ninja who fights with dual-wielding kodachi and shuriken. She is able to sense possible danger and is a highly capable fighter. Despite her serious demeanor, she has a weakness for cute things like stuffed animals.




Name: Yusa

Age: ?

Description: Yusa is an operator in the SSS who conveys the state of the battlefield to Yuri. She is a calm and gentle mannered girl with a straightforward character. She does not express her emotions and cannot calm down without her earphone.




Name: Fujimaki

Age: ?

Description: Fujimaki is a delinquent who fights with a long shirasaya. He picks on new people but does not seem like a bad person himself. Although he displays a tough bravado, he is unable to swim and he drowns so easily, leaving behind in the missions




Name: TK

Age: ?

Description: TK is a mysterious character who wears a large bandanna over his eyes and tends to break out in dance every so often. No one knows his real name or past. He speaks in semi-nonsensical English phrases depending on the situation.




Name: Matsushita

Age: ?

Description: Matsushita, also known as “Matsushita 5-dan”  has a large build and is a master at judo. He never forgets a debt he owes, especially when it involves food. He carries heavy weapons such as rocket launchers or machine guns into battle.




Name: Oyama

Age: ?

Description: ?yama is an ordinary boy who has no special talents but is as a “Jack of all trades”. He is a pure boy whose feelings will get hurt from things like a making fake confession or watching his teammates “die”.




Name: Takeyama

Age: ?

Description: Takeyama is an intelligent boy who is good at hacking computers. He wrote a program that Yuri uses to brief the SSS prior to a mission. He insists everyone should call him by his username ”Christ”, though nobody cares about it.




Name: Cha

Age: ?

Description: Ch? is the leader of the Guild. He is the fourth member to join the SSS. He first met Yuri and Hinata by holding the Principal of the school hostage in an attempt to learn more about God, causing him to get stabbed by Kanade.


Naoi Ayato


Name: Naoi Ayato

Age: ?

Description: Acting student council president for a time and self-proclaimed God, Naoi is strict and arrogant, but this is quick to disperse when Otonashi chastises him. He is affectionate to Otonashi, much to the latter’s chagrin.




Name: Hisako

Age: ?

Description: Hisako is second-in-command of Girls Dead Monster who plays a Fender Jazzmaster electric guitar as lead guitarist. She has a candid personality and likes to play mahjong, which she has incredible luck with.


Irie Miyuki


Name: Irie Miyuki

Age: ?

Description: Irie is the drummer of Girls Dead Monster who, despite being dead herself, is bad with hearing stories about ghosts or spirits. She is best friends with Sekine and joined Girls Dead Monster at the same time as her.


Sekine Shiori


Name: Sekine Shiori

Age: ?

Description: Sekine plays a G&L L-2000 bass guitar in Girls Dead Monster. She likes to play pranks on those around her to see the surprised faces of her victims. She also likes to abruptly improvise during performances, much to Hisako’s chagrin.




Name: Yui

Age: ?

Description: Yui is known to be hyperactive and talks extremely fast. Hinata finds Yui annoying, which results in bouts between the two of them though in truth, they truly care about one another. She wears a devil tail and shackle bracelets on her wrists.


Total Number of Episodes: 13

Episode Number Episode Title
1 Departure
2 Guild
3 My Song
4 Day Game
5 Favorite Flavor
6 Family Affair
7 Alive
8 Dancer in the Dark
9 In Your Memory
10 Goodbye Days
11 Change the World
12 Knockin’ on Heaven`s Door
13 Graduation

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